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Mindset growth: I want to start by defining appearance which is the way that someone or something looks. Although people may look like they are doing fine it is not always the truth because we all have struggles and that is normal and its part of life. Thinking about your situations often called problems over and over simply does not work…


There have been studies that prove our brains act like a muscle, in other words, the more we use it, the stronger, and smarter our brain becomes.

You are aware of the world and we all go through different experiences, you can think, you can feel, and that alone is a blessing.

You have bought books to find the answers to becoming more effective with your time management and read books to find different answers to accomplish different things.

Yet you continue to suffer because all the books just have one thing in common, they bring only temporary solutions.

Because YOUR MIND is powerful all the suffering it’s all in the imagination. Half of the things in our imagination are just that. With that being said this is the main question…


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I want you to change your perspective into positive because you are capable of more than you think you can.

You might say the following:

  • I am tired,
  • I do not have time,
  • I can not ger organized and
  • Many other things…

Stop do not say the word you can’t, that word should be taken out of your vocabulary. You might ask but how if I really can’t?

To do anything great you have to be able to trust yourself and use the power found in prayer: That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.

(Ephesians 1:17-18)

For with God, nothing shall be impossible.

(Luke 1:37)

Just like your imagination is powerful so are words. In 2 Timothy Chapter 1: Verse 7 says For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Seek the Lord and he will hear you and deliver you from all your fears as you read these words.   

Because even if you do not believe, you believe, the emptiness that can not be fulfilled with nothing of this world, is filled only when you find Jesus.



Today is the day to start, right now, before you do any goal setting the first thing you are to do is to make sure you are sleeping enough from 6 to 10 hours every single night. This number varies from person to person.   

New Moms

Now some of you are moms with little ones I want you to count the number of hours you sleep both during the night and during the day. If you are not taking naps during the day when the little one sleeps, you should give yourself permission to sleep a little extra. Do it do not worry about anything because for you to continue to take care of the little one you also need to take care of yourself.

Moms of multiples

If that is not possible because you have other little ones you need to take care of, then try to cuddle with the older child and get him or her to try to sleep a little together. Break the rules you are required to sleep enough in order to function properly.


If you have more than one job and sleeping 8 hours is not possible then you must try to cut a couple of hours from that second job.  

The Process

Be patient anything good takes time and switching your body to do something different will cause it to react. REMEMBER All things are possible for those that trust the Lord.

One of my favorite verses goes like this: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

(Philippians 4:13)

GOD DOES NOT GIVE YOU A SPIRIT OF FEAR. That is the evil forces that want you to fear. Whenever a thought of fear comes into your mind. Do not let that tough become a reality. Because you have invested time, given too much, have cried, it’s not time to give up,

God will make a way where there seems to be no way only when you trust and put your situation in his hands, he will fight for you and you should hold your peace.

There are rewards when you keep on pushing doing all you can. Do know things do not come when we want but when God wants because his timing is perfect. Take note: There is a time for EVERYTHING.

  • FORGET about the people out there who will tell you can’t
  • Forget about the people that want to be negative about the things you are doing (do not react its better to stay quiet)
  • Our enemy is not this human trying to tease you rather it is the spiritual powers that are evil who inspire through other humans’ hatred, hurt, division, and violence.
  • The devil wants to cause chaos in your life no do not let that happen simply ignore anyone that is being used as a tool of the devil.

Instead, be positive and believe and you will receive. That change in thinking is what is going to produce better results.

Your Options

You have two options commit to the process with faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, goodness, patience, kindness, joy, peace, love, and the word of God, to overcome all rebels with the divine power of Jesus’ life and love.  

Or just point your finger and say that person is lucky and be carried with negativity, controversy, and not thinking for yourself, ready to hurt those that do not agree with you.

The choice is yours do you want to continue drifting or do you want to think accurately with goals, be a go-getter, a giver, be an inspiration, and choose to be responsible to never blame others for your mistakes.


YOU HAVE A PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD AND YOU CAN DO IT! Although you have not mastered (this what you are working on getting enough sleep or anything else) I will have a positive mindset growth. It works and you will see immediate results.

There is no shame in getting tired you are a human and just like me, you need to rest appropriately every single night or during the day whenever possible depending on your circumstances.

Get the negativity out of your mind and say I will just rest so that I can think properly because an underslept body does not think right. Before you go, I would love to hear from you express your thoughts below!

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