Resources and Tools I Recommend For CEO Women/Moms

Whether you’re a CEO, woman/mom, or an entrepreneur, it’s important that you have the right resources and tools at your hands. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the best resources and tools you need for your online business. One of the main goals here at Living Well Laugh Often is to always provide the best advice so that you can make wise decisions when investing in tools and resources. No matter what stage you are at currently in your business or life the following tools will allow you:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Automate repetitive tasks

All the resources and tools have been deeply researched by me personally. This page contains affiliate links which means I may get a commission when you purchase. However none of the prices have been increased to compensate me. In fact many of the creators have given me special discounts that I get to provide for you. In addition I give back 10% of my earnings towards charity. In other words every time you make a purchase through me, you and I together we are making a positive impact in the world. I am thankful for your love and support.

Do you recommend a resource or tool that saves you time, money and automates repetitive tasks not listed here? You can contact me here and let me know about it. Here are some examples of tools that you can use to help you in your journey:

Resources and tools for CEO Women/ Moms

Hosting and Domain Resources

Hosting, or the space on a computer where all of your website’s files will be stored, is the obvious first step to getting online. If you are planning to build a website on your own, hosting can be done in one of two ways: either through a web host or with a domain name and hosting package from an ISP (Internet Service Provider).


Don’t know where to host your new self hosted website? Try Bigscoots – their customer service is the best and if you need any help they go above and beyond to solve your situation in a professional manner and even help you, teach you and guide you within their genius area. If they can’t help they will direct you to the proper place or person you should contact in general.

Hello Audio

Make your content easy for your audience to consume on the go. Say goodbye to unused content. Your customers can effortlessly listen to what you have to say. It’s time to be heard  whenever, wherever. from their phone directly. 


Namecheap is the registrar to register your domain name. Owning your own domain gives you control over your online identity, the content you post, and builds confidence in your business and in your brand.

Website Design Resources

Kadence Pro

Kadence Pro is a modern theme that is a framework powerful and easy to use. While you can use the free version the paid one offers extra elements that you can use and customize. It gives you the option to use it by itself or with a child theme it depends on your preference.

Ivory Mix

Thousands of styled stock high quality images and each month they add 100’s more. Simplify running your business. Your branding problems are solved.

Restored 316

Make your website beautiful, professional and conversion focused presence with their feminine templates. You can choose from various templates depending on your preference. I love how they give you step by step on how to install their gorgeous themes. If you feel unsure on how to install the theme they even offer affordable service for your needs. Don’t know which one to choose? Take their quiz and find the perfect one just for you.


A great tool that helps you create beautiful designs for social media and different things in your business or even for personal use. There are many templates available from which to choose, and it’s easy to change the fonts and colors of the images already on the template.

Resource To Protect Your Business Legally

Legal Bundle

Do you want to bring a rock star contractor or employer onboard to help you in different projects? You must use the proper legal agreements and if you prefer to add a non compete agreement legal form to avoid your rock star person from working for a competitor or becoming one.

Do you want to work with a sponsor company or even form a partnership? It’s important to stick with your values, brand, and know your worth by using a sponsorship agreement or a partnership agreement.

There are many forms that are super important and disclaimers that you must have available to avoid being penalized and ending up paying a high amount of money just because you thought you didn’t need them. Get your business off the ground faster, grow and expand, hey I believe you are meant to thrive.

Resources For Site Speed

WP Rocket

A premium cashing plugin that lets you optimize your site speed and performance without any coding skills for your self hosted WordPress site. You can instantly see your site load faster, increase your search rankings and increase conversion rates. 

Speed is crucial for your site, one of the top priorities for anyone running a business online, or if you depend on organic traffic from search engines, blog traffic, and social media to drive conversions into sales. You need every advantage to present your content and product information in the best possible way.

Email Marketing Resources

Google Workspace

Show up as a professional company with an email like this one: (your name)@ (yourbusiness name) (dot) com. Keep your personal email separate and organized. Store a backup of all your important documents in an additional place other than your laptop.

You can easily view all of your documents in one place on the go and collaborate with others to create new ones. The interface is clean and easy to understand, making this a great option to get more organized. When you are ready to scale you can easily share information with specific people in your team.


A great email marketing tool that helps you create newsletters, automatons, landing pages, sign up forms, with an easy to use drag and drop editor so you can quickly create emails and schedule automatons for a specific date and time. Saving you time while you focus on other areas of your business.

You can also see analytics reports to determine how well your emails are performing in terms of open rates, clicks and subscriber engagement. Its important to segment your subscribers into different lists based on their interests, allowing you to send more relevant content to each group of people on your list. Start using the right tool that allows you to grow before paying for the email list. Its compares to convertkit and even better they are working on the clock to bring new tools and resources for your email marketing efforts.

E-Commerce and Funnels Resources


A shopping cart platform that is easy to use and inexpensive that allows business owners to boost your revenue with high converting cart pages, up-sells, down-sells, a/b testing, analytics, and so much more. You can even have a dedicated place for learning. Charge your product or service as a one time fee or a subscription there are no limits.

They do not take a percentage from your earnings which is a big plus. In addition you can get Thrive Learn that enables you to have your own learning management system as the home for your course, membership, coaching digital products and any creative deals you offer.


Podia allows you to sell courses, memberships, has an email autoresponder built-in, it also supports webinars and a basic community it’s more like an all in one hosted.


A mobile payment company that offers business software, enables online payments, issues receipts, manages your business with appointments, pays your contractors or employees with payroll when you are ready and much more.

Restrict Content Pro

Is a premium WordPress membership plugin designed for creating memberships and protecting your site content for paying members and or free trials. It’s simple to use and powerful for your business growth.

What if i tell you there is a way for people who visit your website to see only some content, but only be able to see the full content if they are willing to become a member? When you show some content in your website that is optimized for organic search engines your visits will increase and even improve your domain authority vs hiding everything behind a wall. That is where Restrict Content Pro comes in but there is even more.


Create your online course, mix it with built in quizzes, provide completion certificates  or sell digital content using their platform. Selling and providing access to any e-books, workbooks, PDFs, templates, etc. is simple with Teachable

Marketplace Resources


A marketplace for software deals. Never pay full price for software again. Get lifetime deals that save you money and time. Check out current offers to see what’s available today, or sign up on their site to be notified when new deals go live.

(Link Pending) Outschool

Outschool is an online school that allows you to learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. If you’re a parent with children in school, you can sign up for classes that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Teachers can also get certified online to teach in their zone of genius. Lastly, if there are classes that are needed but not offered already, you can request them through their website!

Creative Market

Turn your unique ideas into useful products here you can open your own shop. Or get some products that are ready to use like fonts, graphics, templates, images and more that can help speed your creative projects. Make sure anything you purchase is suitable for your intended use, which may be either personal or commercial.

Project Management Resources

Project management is one of the most important tools you need. The best way to manage a project is to have a clear idea of what needs doing, and then break it down into smaller tasks that are assigned clearly.

This should be happening before you even begin working on the site, so if there’s anything else you can think of that would help out at this stage—like getting feedback from friends or family who have ideas about their needs as users, or finding out which type of user research they’re more likely to respond well to and much more.


A database that you can use on your own or turn it into a powerful works-space for collaboration with your team or virtual assistants. Notion integrates kanban boards like the set up of Trello. Keep your documents organized and easy to find.

You can store all your important documents in one place. The platform also comes with a built-in word processor and spreadsheet editor to help you create the documents you need.

Automate time-consuming tasks with the assistance of AI. Overcome the writers block. Review meeting notes and quickly produce action items. Be confident in your communication correct your grammar, spelling, tone,  create shorter or longer content and much more. 


Another tool option for collaboration and productivity that organizes your different projects into boards.

The board owner creates cards and assigns them to team members. Team members then complete the tasks using the Trello interface, which is accessible through desktop or mobile devices.

Communication Tools

Good communication and check in is essential and a great way for keeping everyone on the same page. Stay organized and make sure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information about any project. Create a together we rise, environment.

Live chat is a great way to get in touch with your customers, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. There are some things you need to know about live chat before you can use it effectively for your business.

  • What kind of people do you want using live chat?
  • Where should the live chat box go?
  • What kind of questions should be asked and answered?
  • What happens after you capture a lead?

The answers to these questions are going to depend on how you plan on using live chat. You may want it for customer service purposes (i.e., answering customer questions about products), or perhaps for sales purposes (i.e., asking if someone needs help finding something).

Perhaps a ticket that needs to be created and answered in a proper amount of time, depending on what you want to achieve. Whatever the case may be, there are certain things that make up a good customer support experience – and this includes having a viable solution when they need one most!


Monitor and chat with website visitors on your site and even on the go from your phone with their app. Create a knowledge base this way when a customer looks for an answer its already documented so that you can have some extra self care time.


Create a professional live stream at multiple places at the same time. Can’t be live at the time you arranged? no problem record the video and stream it at the specific date and time as promised and show the button as if you were truly live, while you take care of the urgent matter that needs to be solved.


Zoom is a great tool for video conferencing, but it’s also useful for recording videos. If you want to make a professional-looking video that won’t take up too much time or effort on your part, we recommend using Zoom as a platform for recording and editing your content. You can easily create an account and then start recording right away!

Fluent Forms

A very powerful form builder that helps you create beautiful forms in seconds. Whether you need it to simply gather email addresses or conduct an intensive research, even accept donations without slowing down your website.

Affiliate Marketing Resources

The first thing you need is a website. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to create it. This will be your home base for all your affiliate marketing efforts and where you can host ads or other promotional materials that generate revenue.

Share A Sale

Fastest growing platform empowering partnerships that drive results. A powerful tool for getting your products in front of your audience. They have a ton of resources and tools to help you, including free courses on how to use their platform, a knowledge base with answers to common questions, and live chat support.

Thirsty Affiliates

A WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manage all your affiliate links and even measure their performance in google. If you belong to various affiliate programs it will be easier to manage all in one place and even protect your commissions from theft and many other features..


Run your own self hosted affiliate program. Build an army of sales people who only get paid when they make a sale. A cost efficient manner to grow your business.

Promotion Resources

Are you looking for ways to reward your customers or employees? Promotions are an excellent way to show appreciation and make sure customers know about your products or services. For example, offering discounts on certain items or loyalty programs can give customers incentive to shop more frequently and advertising. Giveaways can also be an effective promotional tool. Try giving away branded merchandise like mugs or water bottles with your logo – it’s a great way to promote your business and get people talking about it!

Raffle Press

Raffle Press is a great tool for creating raffles and other prize promotions. Grow your email list, your following and even website traffic.

Switchy IO

These are links that can be used to track visitors who have visited your site before, so that you can re-target with ads. This is one of the best ways to grow a business and gain new customers.

However this should be done only with your own website or social media links not affiliate links as many are against re-targeting. Remember to always follow the affiliate terms and conditions. Switchy offers so much more than just re-targeting.

Writing Resources

Copy-writing is a skill that takes practice and dedication to master. With the development of personal AI assistants, writing can be improved and made more efficient. From brainstorming to finalizing content, AI assistants can provide invaluable resources in the world of persuasive writing.

Word Hero

An Ai-copywriter that generates high quality copy for your content written. It can save you time and increase conversion rates by using words that simply convert in a persuasive manner. With an AI assistant in the palm of your hands, you will have access to an array of resources that will ensure your persuasive writing is the best. Remember content is king.

Love Your List

Has your email list been neglected?

Then this is for you; you’ll get unstuck and feel encouraged to engage your eager audience. After all, they subscribed because they value you. Hey the truth is you are valuable.  Your readers will look forward to receiving your emails after you take Love Your List self-paced learning experience. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also master copy-writing for your landing pages, create simple yes offers, the importance of thank-you pages, funnels, and much more.


Grammarly is an online tool that checks your writing for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. It allows users to edit their papers, documents, and emails safely, effectively, and thoroughly. The software will check your documents for common errors in punctuation, grammar, word usage, and style.

Social Media Made Easy

Social media can take a lot of time. It can be difficult to keep up with several accounts and manage them all, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Automate social media so you can concentrate on what’s important to your company.


Planoly allows you to plan and schedule your Instagram Feed, Pinterest and TikTok. It’s super simple to use, and they have lots of great features. You can plan out the themes for each week or month, then they’ll make sure that the photos in your feed follow those themes. It also has an option where you can add hashtags, which is useful if you want to make sure that everyone who sees your posts knows what they’re about!


Tailwind is a scheduling app that will help you make the most of your time and increase engagement in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. It’s free to use, and with it you can: Schedule posts ahead of time so that they go live at the right times. Organize your hashtags into separate lists so you don’t have to remember them all while posting. Find trending topics and hashtags based on location or category, so you know what’s popular where and when.

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Business Tools And Resources

Now that you are aware of these helpful resources, What action would you do right away to get closer to your goal? You are nearly there, and I believe in you.

— Yaritza