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The importance of a balanced schedule to manage time.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed as if you were on your own wanting to cry?
  • Do you postpone work that requires immediate attention and instead do something else?
  • Do you have a high quantity of work to be completed and don’t know where to start?

Starting the week with a positive mind is extremely important. Focusing on the little things you have achieved so far and not in the work that still needs to be completed. Tasks need to be broken down into small parts at a time. Maintaining the focus on one task at a time. It does not help to work on a task while thinking about the following one. It is important to take breaks in between tasks of about 5 minutes every 30 to 60 minutes. Use those 5 minutes to stretch, move your body from the position you been working on, or just anything you want. After the break time is over continue your task or begin with the following one.

First, you need to consider priorities. Priorities are the most important things that need to be done before completing other tasks that are important as well but can be done later. As you try to get organized a curve can come in the way. Just ask yourself if it is important or can it wait? It’s totally normal that there would be times when family becomes a priority over school or vice versa.

Second, you need to consider balance. Balance is the right amount of weight spread equally to be able to stay steady. It can be stressful when you think of balancing all the things that are in your table equally. You may be asking yourself there must be another way to get things done? Yes, by looking and working on small parts at a time. Do not get caught up with finding the best way of completing a task that you just end up doing nothing.

Third, you need to be realistic. Do not expect to complete a one hour job in 30 minutes. Allow enough time for each task. If it’s a big task think of setting up about an hour aside. If it’s a small task, then 30 minutes aside would be fair enough. Setting up a time frame works best. Time would become your new friend. For example, I am going to complete a bachelor’s degree by Fall 2019.

Fourth you need to plan accordingly. All the things that come to your mind that you need to complete just write them down as a list with numbers. This will enable achieving your goal. Make sure to have different categories list as you write.

Materials needed:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • time
A Sample of a daily task schedule

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This will require time to get used to it. Keep breathing and if something feels uncomfortable take a break. Remember to focus on one list at a time or per day.

Categories can fall into

  1. Your needs
  2. Kids needs
  3. Your wants
  4. Kids wants
  5. Daily tasks
  6. Weekly tasks
  7. Monthly tasks
  8. Short term goals
  9. Long term goals
  10. Other

Each category need to be evaluated

  1. Urgent and important-To do now
  2. Important, not urgent -Decide when to do it
  3. Urgent and not important- Give the task to another person or come back to it later
  4. Not important and not urgent- cross out

Some ideas that you can include in the categories list are the following:


  • Apply for a grant or scholarship
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree
  • Start your own business
  • Obtain a job


  • Make more money while spending less
  • Pay off credit card bill
  • Save for a new car, home, retirement or other.
  • Budget and expense tracker


  • Reduce stress
  • Stop smoking
  • Exercise more often


  • Have children
  • Become a better mother, father, sibling, neighbor.
  • Have more quality time with your family.
  • Have a loving, respectful relationship or partner.


  • Be engaged in social activities like music, dance, recreation and more.
  • Start a new hobby
  • Spend time outdoors


  • Manage time efficiently
  • Become more responsible
  • Become a patient person
  • Be around positive people


  • Begin working on a project to help others
  • Do some volunteer service
  • Donate to a cause, charity of your choice


  • Feel inner peace
  • Serve a higher power
  • Begin some yoga, or meditation


  • Cleaning bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, laundry, garage
  • Create a menu plan
  • Grocery list
  • Shopping list
  • Begin couponing

Are you interested in my free daily task schedule below editable and ready to use for your tasks? Simply comment below with your email address and I will send it to your inbox as soon as possible.

A Sample of a daily task schedule

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  1. It’s a blessing to share with others doesn’t matter how big or deep we might think we are in a situation,there is always hope,there it’s always a new day ahead of us!

  2. Enjoyed your post! Yes most of us are going through so much of this.
    I’ll first of all get back to some yoga.
    Thanks for the suggestions. It’s nice to see all possible solutions laid out in front of you.

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