Stop Expecting and Start Appreciating

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stop expecting and start appreciating

Stop Expecting and Start Appreciating

I want to help you make your relationship work better but you need to understand that every person in this world has different needs. Stop expecting and start appreciating to avoid destroying your relationships. Do not let expectations destroy your beautiful relationships. One person might expect the other person to be in a good mood, complete a household shore, watch the children, have the same work schedule so that one person can attend college. It is okay if the other person wants to and is happy. However, when the other person is unable to meet such expectation things change. One person will begin feeling pressure, resentful, or shocked.  Always remember what you value the most from the person like for example their protection, company, love, or friendship.

  • Do you expect your family member/ husband/wife/friend to be in a good mood?
  • Do you expect your family member/ husband/ wife/ friend to help with household chores?
  • Do you expect your family member/ husband/ wife/ friend to watch your children on a certain schedule?
  • What to do when the work schedule changes.
  • What to do when the college you are attending does not offer evening classes.

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Stop expecting start appreciating your family member/ husband/wife/friend to be in a good mood?

Just because you are in a good mood does not mean that your family member/ husband/ wife/ friend is motivated. Perhaps something that you do not know happened and that is the reason behind them not being chatty. The way the other person reacts is not under your control even if you try to cheer them up it is up to them. There are many times that the other person reaction is not because of you.

Stop expecting your family member/ husband/ wife/ friend to help with household chores?

It is normal to get used to obtain help around the house like cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes simply any household shore but it is super important that you do not let expectations take over your life. It is not a big deal if a household chore is not done by the other person. Instead of making things harder just do it yourself anyways the shore needs to be done unless you like to live in an uncomfortable dirty place. I just love to come to a clean house that smells like a brand-new cero miles car inside.

Stop expecting your family member/ husband/ wife/ friend to watch your children on a certain schedule? Start Appreciating 

There are many times that we can get used to the help we get from others like family members or perhaps a friend. What is offered as a help can sometimes become an expectation and when we expect that person to do something and the day that person can no longer be there everything changes. That day you feel as if the person does not care for you but that is not true that is a feeling.

Start Appreciating Work Schedule

One day the opportunity to have a first shift employment arises with a higher hourly pay and you accept. Now instead of working for your former employer on the second shift, you work the first shift at your new workplace or perhaps position in the same place. If you stop to think about the new schedule it is a blessing not everyone gets the opportunity to work the first shift. However, it means that everyone has to adjust to the different hours. Change is not always easy it takes some time to get into the routine. If you are continuing your education perhaps you will have to say no to an earlier class at college.

Start Appreciating College

Class schedules in college are complicated because there are some colleges that offer mostly morning and afternoon classes while others offer mostly evening classes. It would mean that you will need to find a different way to achieve your education. Perhaps apply to a different college that offers evening classes even if you have to pay for the registration fee and transcripts. Remember good things come to those who out and earn it. Empires are not built in one day it takes time. The most important part would be just to not compare your progress to others. Focus on today like there is no past or no tomorrow by being positive. You might think well saying to focus on today like there is no past or no tomorrow is easier said than done. True but by letting go of the negativity and instead of reflecting in the lesson learned will take a weight down from your shoulders.

Always use the TIP Process and Start Appreciating

The truth is that we cannot change other people but if you do not like something that is going on then, simply just change it. Life is full of possibilities if you have an idea in your mind then make it yours with some effort and perseverance little by little. How to stop expecting and start appreciating by using the process called TIP (think, imagine, practice) to change. For example, I feel resentful but I want to feel kind because I like myself better at those times. Then imagine yourself doing things that will bring a kind feeling to life. Practice being concern of others instead of resentful. It takes about six weeks for the process to work. Develop a general response to a general feeling. This can be done with any negative emotions, first think about the emotion and what can you do to change it to a positive emotion. Then imagine how to overcome the emotion and focus on a behavior that is the most important. Finally, practice the positive behavior because only then it will lead to a positive emotion and change.


T=Think about any bad habit like wasting time on social media, unhealthy eating, or negative thoughts. Write them down. How can you feel more valuable, improve, appreciate, connect or feel protected?

I=Imagine yourself doing the new behavior when you felt more valuable. Write it down. When I have negative thoughts, I have to ________________________________________. (values).

P=Practice every day, every minute, and every time for at least six weeks. In no time you will change shame, anxiety, and become empowered and acting in ways that are most valuable.

I hope that the TIP process works with time when things change and you are dependent on many different things unconsciously in life. Do not put more pressure on other people’s shoulders than what they already must carry like providing for their loved ones and bringing the bread of every day. Instead, make life easier as happy as possible. Comment below and share your thoughts.

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