Create A Stress-Free, Joy-Filled, Expansive Successful Business And Life For CEO Women/ Moms Who Aren’t Afraid To Go After Their Dreams.

Because life is too short to live by someone else’s rules. Here you are not just another CEO woman/ mom you are part of the family of the together we rise community that brings accountability and support along your unique journey.

Coaching/ Mentoring Experience

You’re a CEO woman/mom and you’re ready to ditch burnout, overwhelm, overwork, and stress. But there’s just that one thing standing in your way. 

You get up early and stay up late working until your health – and your business – suffer. You think you have no time to practice regular self care and you have no clue where to start. 

You’ve tried piecing together different tutorials and you’ve googled your eyes out and all that came from it was overwhelm and frustration. 

CEO Women/ Moms Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could…

  • Get a step by step process that tells you exactly how to create habits that will help you improve your self-care and boost your self-esteem one step at a time that works personally for your business and lifestyle?
  • Create a healthy balance between your business and family that allows you to thrive both professionally and personally that you deserve. 
  • Utilize tools you didn’t know existed to save you time and money, allowing you to complete your to-do list’s objectives once and for all get closer to reaching your goals.

That’s exactly where I come in, friend.

Welcome CEO Women/ Moms to Living Well Laugh Often. Hi, I’m Yaritza and I’ve been in your shoes.

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…Years ago, I was exactly where you are, wearing many hats. Long story short as possible because I value your time. 


I didn’t finish school the traditional way, but I earned my GED High School diploma, which allowed me to enroll in college. Moving on, I had my first child before obtaining my college degree. I relocated from New York, N.Y to Chicago, IL, where I had more obligations to meet.


I juggled between working, finishing the classes to graduate, and all the roles that came with keeping my own place and being a mother. Earned my Associates Degree and went on to pursue a bachelors in communication studies.


Later, I had my second baby boy, who was premature and required unique care, so I stayed at home and quit my well compensated job. Kept taking college classes online and I launched Living Well Laugh Often.


Shortly after, my third pregnancy was difficult and required bed rest, but I was blessed to have a daughter. To complete my bachelor’s degree, I still had to take a few classes only offered in person. I signed up for those and one day coming back from college I was carjacked during the day in front of my house. In between responsibilities, It was best to move to a safer location in Pennsylvania. 


That is enough about me, the truth is that there are different seasons in life and your perspective, perseverance and hope play a huge role with your unique purpose.

I made the decision to simplify this process for other CEO women/ mothers to prioritize you without burning out and being more present for those that you care the most. And over the years, I’ve refined my method and reduced it to just what you absolutely need to have

More Power: Get up in the morning with motivation and purpose.

More time: You own the present and you are in control and 

More productive: as fast as possible in your business and your life.

Today I have assisted countless one-on-one private customers in making a substantial shift in their lives. Enabling blessings in the midst of mountains that challenged them to accomplish big things in their life and business.

Have you stopped recently to take count of the many different hats you are wearing as a CEO Women/ Mom?

Professional Boss, Mother, Wife/Partner, Daughter, Household Manager, Neighbor, Taxi Driver, etc. It can be exhausting just thinking about this list!

As women in the workplace, or at home we know that we never truly clock-out for the day; we simply remove one hat and replace it with another that often leads to overwhelm, being stretched thin on autopilot, and desperately stressed and tired.

What about the personal self care hat?

I want to take this opportunity to invite you to create a clear picture of what work-life integration means, uniquely to you:


Give yourself permission to step beyond the “shoulds” you’ve heard for so many years;


To no longer compare yourself to the other professional women in your circle; 


To define how you can integrate the many hats you wear by prioritizing you!!!

Here is how I make it happen:

Step 1:

First you can enroll for this three day challenge VALUE $27 but you can sign up for free…(Will Add Link Once its Finished)

Step 2:

 After you complete the challenge you will be taken to the next step. Listen this is step by step action by action without overwhelm. I am holding your hand along the way. You are not alone.

Fun Facts About Me

Here are 7 “my favorite number” 


Something I believed when I was little.  

The earth was flat. 


My first car was a

White Suzuki. 


The weather and season i love the most are

Sunny, warm days of summer.


I love to read.

One of my favorite is the The King James Version Life Application Bible because it’s full of wisdom.  


Favorite Sculptor, Painter, and Architect

Michelangelo Buonarroti. 


I thought I would never be able to 

Cook delicious food and truly enjoy it. 


Being a mother is 

Unique, unconditionally full of love and a blessing. 


CEO Women/ Moms From Ordinary to Extraordinary

I’ve made financial investments in a variety of educational training courses, which have helped me establish my expertise in online business. As a businesswoman/ mom, and self-care enthusiast. I’ve spent years helping women/ moms like you achieve work-life balance and I can pass that knowledge onto you so you can do the same.



Years Experience

As a CEO woman/ mom in business you have dozens of priorities competing for your attention.

 What have you been putting off this week/ month/ year?


So if you are ready to experience a stress-free, joy-filled, expansive, successful business and life in a way that ‘s easy and doesn’t add more things to your to-do list? It’s time to take action, Visit my services page to learn how we can work together.  (I am updating the page and will add the link soon)