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Best  Breast Pump Manual

Best breast pump for your needs is an essential investment that you will not regret. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics breastfeeding your little one has many benefits for your little one and even for you as a mom. One of the main benefits is that your little one that is breastfed would have fewer infections while growing up and less illness later in life. In other words, a stronger immune system through life. On the mother’s side, many illnesses can be prevented just because you choose to breastfeed. 

Things to consider when buying a breast pump

  • How often will you be using the breast pump?
  • What types of breast pump are available? Manual, Battery Powered and Electric
  • Additional Breast Pump Accessories You Will Need: Breastfeeding bra, flanges, and nursing pads
  • What to do if it hurts when you are breast pumping?
  • Which Breast Pump is Best?

How Often Will you be using the breast pump?

Getting a breast pump is an answer If you are planning on continuing giving the best gold milk for your little one even when you perhaps must go back to work, then you will need to breast pump at the same time your baby will be feed so that the milk supply will continue. This means that you will breast pump every day and getting an electric breast pump is best.

However, if you only plan on using the breast pump occasionally like when you must take care of some chores while someone watches your little one, then a manual single breast pump is best.

What types of breast pump are available?

There are various types of pump available that I will mention below. It is important to know that although a breast pump might be a little expensive depending on your financial situation it is well worth the money invested. Note that is much cheaper than having to purchase milk-based formula.

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A Manual Breast Pump

Usually, these are single pumps that have a breast shield, a pump and milk container. A handle is squeezed to create suction and express milk from the breast. However, you can only extract milk from one breast at a time. A manual pump is great to have for those times when you are traveling, and a power outlet is not available for an electric breast pump. When using a manual pump, it will take a little longer since you must pump one breast at a time.

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Medela, Harmony Pump

Remember that these types of pumps are meant for occasional use and not for daily use. I remember I used to carry both the electrical double pump and the manual pump just in case wherever I was there was no electrical outlet for personal use then I will still use the manual pump. It is super important since your body will automatically produce milk to feed your little one every three hours you will want to avoid skipping pumping because of engorgement. The bottle can also be used to feed your little one just place a nipple and the lid on however these are sold separately.

Philips Avent Pump

Avent manufacturer sells the flanges separated in case you need a larger or smaller size based on your breast size. A great benefit is that you can use the bottle to feed your little one by just placing the nipple and lid on. Avent has been in the market for a long time and all their products are good in quality and price. You are in control of the suction which means you do not have to squeeze the handle all the way to pump the breast. The more you squeeze the handle the stronger the suction so just squeeze less for less suction. No batteries or electrical outlet needed it’s a manual pump.

A Battery-Powered Pump

Usually, these are single pumps as well as the manual pumps, but these are powered with batteries. If you decide on getting a battery-powered pump, then make sure to get rechargeable batteries to save money on the number of batteries you will have to buy if they were disposables. It is recommended to have a second set of rechargeable batteries so that while you recharge one set of batteries you can still use the pump with the other set of rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered pumps are very similar to the manual ones, it will take a little longer to pump since you will have to pump one breast at a time.

Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Pump, Double/Single, Hospital Strength

This pump can be both used with batteries or it can be plugged to an electrical outlet. All pumps make some noise but according to other moms who used it say that it is super quiet. Since is battery operated you can walk around the house with it if you use the hands-free bra. You might say “Who wants to walk around the house while pumping?” Well, there are mothers out there who have other children at home and the smallest child can sometimes need help at that specific moment you are breastfeeding. Since you will be using the pump around the clock it is nice that it has light with two levels that can be used as a lamp during the night when everyone is sleeping. It also has a timer that turns off the pump after 30 minutes. No worries if you can not afford this pump there are more options. Note that it might seem like a big investment but you will be saving thousands of dollars from buying baby milk formula.

Bellababy Double Rechargeable Pump

Bella baby is an electric pump however it is rechargeable via USB cable. The pump does not need rechargeable batteries. You can pump directly into the bottles or into the storage bags. The breast shields (flanges) can be covered when not in use. Note that compared to other pumps the Bella baby has many parts that need to be cleaned. You can not beat the affordable price and other moms have claimed that the suction makes the job done in less time. Leaving you some extra time for other things you need to do.

An Electric Breast Pump

Usually, these are double pumps that are powered with a cord that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. These can be adjusted to create a different pattern of suction to mimic a baby nursing. These are my favorite since time is gold you can easily pump both breasts at the same time and be done in half of the time of what a manual and battery-powered pump would take. It is small and lightweight

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This is an electric pump for double pumping. To use the pump you need to plug it into an electrical outlet, or you can use with batteries. The speed and vacuum are adjustable which is amazing for your comfort and it comes with various flanges. However, I recommend purchasing a separate large size flange according to your breast size and for comfort since every woman breast size is different so are the flanges. That is very important to use the appropriate size or just get one pair in every size you do not want to feel uncomfortable when pumping every three hours.    

This set comes with a cooler where you can store four bottles. It also includes four bottles that are 5 ounces each where you can pump directly in for storage. In addition, it comes with an ice pack to maintain the milk fresh in the four bottles until you come back to your house to freeze them for later use.

Since Medela brand is well known you can find replacement parts at any local store like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and many other places.

Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Pump

Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump with Customizable Settings and Tote Bag with Accessories
Evenflo Electric Breast Pump

What I absolutely love about this pump is that the machine can hold the bottles so that no milk is spilled. Talk about comfort for suction with 32 settings you will find one that is the most comfortable for yourself. The pump is a closed system which means there is a barrier between the breast milk and the tubing. I love this deluxe offer since it has all the things you need, it comes with 4 storage bottles with caps, a small storage bag to keep the milk refrigerated, different sized flanges both in plastic and silicone for you to choose the one is best, adapter, bag, and even ice packs. It also works with batteries in case you are not close to an electrical outlet. However, I recommend rechargeable batteries since you do not want to overspend in batteries.

In addition, it comes with an ultimate breastfeeding education that you can use digitally that will help you successfully breastfeed properly. If you can not afford a Medela pump this is your second-best option.

Additional Breast Pump Accessories You Will Need

  • Nursing Bra for All Pumps
  • Flanges in different sizes
  • Disposables Nursing Pads

Racerback Breast Pump&Nurse Bra, an all-in-one Hands-Free 

The bra is not going to be the sexiest, but it will be comfortable which is way more valuable during these early maternity months. The best part is that you would not feel like a stuffed sausage like those exercises bras it’s easy to pull aside for nursing or pumping and even for sleeping. Having hands free while exclusively pumping many times per day will allow you to do something else at the same time. Hands-free perhaps to read a book, or write something, or fold some clothes. The best part about this bra is that it not only works for nursing your little one but for all kinds of pumps. I would get a few of these so that you can change them every day.

Flanges(Shields) for your breast pump brand

What to do if it hurts when you are breast pumping?

Please do yourself a favor and get multiple size flanges you will not know which size is best unless you try them. The flange is the “dome” that fits around your breast and if it does not fit well it will be uncomfortable and can lead you to give up pumping altogether. If the flange does not fit appropriately the milk would not be able to come out effectively due to clogged ducts. Eventually decreasing your breast milk supply and that is the last thing that you will want. Breast pumps usually come with the standard medium size flange and that is fine. Flanges in different sizes can be purchased separately. Flanges come in all sizes from a small, medium, large and even extra-large. Now if you do not want to buy one of each go to pumpable and download a breast ruler so that you can find out which size is the best for you.

Disposable Nursing Pads

Typically when the milk comes in you might have to use two of these pads per day but later you will just use one per day. When sleeping your breast will leak milk and thanks to these pads you will be able to stay dry. Note that there are also washable nursing pads but sometimes disposables are best until you get used to all the new things motherhood can bring into your busy life.

Hot or Cold Breast Therapy

Hot or cold breast therapy is a life changer for the amount spent pumping. The hot will help mastitis, plugged ducts and encourage let down and can be used with all breast pumps manual, electric, or battery-powered ones. The cold therapy will help relieve pain and swelling due to engorgement perhaps you skipped a pump session in the night. Remember that your body will continue to produce milk around the clock so make sure to set up your alarm clock every three hours and avoid painful swelling.

Which Breast pump is best?

The best pump will differ from one person to another depending on the amount of use. For example, if you will only pump occasionally then a manual pump is best. On the other hand, if hand expressing makes you overthink pumping the battery-powered one is best. However, if you will often pump then an electric pump is best.

I personally used the Evenflo Electric pump mentioned above due to the fact that I had to use it around the clock it was not too expensive and meet my economical situation at the time. Any pump that you decide on getting from the ones mentioned you can be sure that you are making a wise purchase since I have done deep research to recommend nothing but the best.

It is good to know that all pumps will lose suction if the diaphragm stem and suction piece aren’t lined up properly which happens sometimes while pumping or perhaps was not align properly after washing it. The diaphragm can be fixed quickly by taking the handle piece off and removing said parts to realign. Some moms like to buy a second pump so that they can have one ready to use while the other one is washed and drying which makes so much sense.

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    1. I agree while cold therapy during breast feeding can help reduce swelling associated with engorgement, hot therapy helps relieve mastitis, plugged ducts, and encourages let down. Thank you for your advice.

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