Essential and Nonessential Clothing For Your First Child + Free Printable

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newborn Clothing

Accepting an unexpected pregnancy and moving forward.

I remember as a new mother I bought so many unessential items for my first child. As an experienced mother, I want to advise you on how to buy essential clothing so that you can invest your money wisely. Having a child will change your life from the minute you find out about that positive pregnancy test results. Congratulations you are expecting a new member of your small family.

Even if you did not plan to have a child, and that positive test is bad news. Fear of the unexpected is a normal feeling and even the woman who has planned their pregnancy feel. Stay positive by changing the negative way you think about the situation. This unplanned pregnancy is a blessing and God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Think about how many women in this world are not able to conceive. Those women out there would give anything in this world to become a mother. Lots of women go through infertility treatments while some are successful others are not. Be grateful for the opportunity of becoming a mother.

To get over the unexpected pregnancy can take some time and it’s also normal. Take it one day at the time and stop avoiding the situation. Resisting your fears would only make things bigger. Pray even if you are not religious. Ask God for guidance and to strengthen you to move forward and as you are reading right now, there is a precious heart beating and growing by the minute.

Essential Newborn Clothing

Newborn Mittens 2 pairs

Infant Eczema Mittens – Goumi Mitts, I love that these come in different sizes from micro-preemie, preemie, 0-3, and 3-6 months.


_Mittens are to prevent newborns from scratching their sensitive skin during the first few months.

_Keep little hands warm during the winter months, and cool days. Remember babies are always cold.

_People love to touch newborns and the first thing they touch is their tiny hands. So, mittens would cover the spreading of germs. They are so tiny even their


_Little ones love to put their hands in their mouths. Therefore, if their little hands are cover always they would not be able to play with their hands or communicate that they are hungry or want to be soothed. Since babies can’t talk they communicate physically. Consider taking the mittens off whenever you or a caregiver is monitoring the baby.

_If you buy baby mittens sold in-store those are usually one standard size. Consider buying mittens a little bigger since babies grow so fast.

Newborn Hats 3 pieces

Standard hats for indoors


_Hats would keep the baby temperature appropriately.

_There are different materials depending on the location where you currently live.

_Get an appropriate size since too big is dangerous as baby moves it can cover the face and since they do not know how to remove the hat they can suffocate. Too small can be uncomfortable for the baby.


_To be on the safe side buy a few different sizes. I personally recommend one pack in 0-3 months and another pack in 3-6 months.

_Even better consider measuring your baby head or keep a record of every visit to the doctor with baby’s head circumference, height and weight.

_Remember depending on the manufacture of the item every size runs differently. Size small in brand (A) might runs as if it was an extra small. While in brand (B) a small size might run as what it is an actual small size.

Newborn One piece footed outfit with a zipper all the way to the foot. 7 pieces

Carter has a nice material that even after many washes the clothing looks new.


_Before delivery you will find pants, jeans, leggings, cute and will feel the urge to buy these. Please hold on and take my recommendation to do not buy this type of clothing. Take note dear expecting mommy I recommend a one-piece footed outfit with zipper only.

_After delivery you will be extremely tired and having a baby who feeds every two to three hours you need to save any time possible to recover.

_Dressing a newborn takes time especially with fancy clothing and being extra careful of not hurting them while getting them dressed.

_Newborn babies poo often and need diaper change every time they are feed.  So you want to make your life easy and not to have to take pants off completely and then put them back on over and over.


_Not stocking up in every size because babies grow quicker than one would think. When baby starts rolling I recommend getting the one-piece outfit but not footed so that the baby can turn easily. Most babies start rolling around 6 months. So basically out of the 7 pieces you will buy consider getting 3 in newborn size, and the other 4 pieces in 0-3 months.

Newborn Socks 6 pairs


_Keeping those warm little feet is a must they came from a protected warm environment. Even if you decide to go with the footed onesies when it’s time to change the baby diaper little toes are exposed in the air you want to keep them warm.

_Remember is totally normal that they will often won’t stay on just like shoes but we will talk about shoes soon.


_Monitoring the baby feet, that when you change the socks or take them off they won’t leave a mark because that means that the socks are tight and a bigger size is needed.

_The truth is that not until your baby is born, you won’t be able to tell if he or she would need newborn size or 0-3 months. Then buy about 3 pairs in newborn size and about 6 pairs in 0-3 months.

Newborn Bodysuit or Kimono 3 short sleeve 4 long sleeve


_If you go with my suggestion of using a one-piece outfit with zipper when is diaper change time the baby body is exposed to therefore you need to have the baby with an undershirt.


_Both bodysuit and kimono that snap on the bottom and this helps the diaper stay in place and avoid poo all over the place because sometimes either the diaper is too big or too small.

Newborn Snowsuit 1 piece


_If you live in a cold state then there are many options from jackets, coats, hoodies, to snowsuits. All those I just mentioned are a hassle to put on and take off you don’t want to wake up the baby every time you need to run some errands. I learn this the hard way after struggling before leaving the house by placing another piece of clothing to the baby is totally uncomfortable.

_You need a one-piece hooded snowsuit for the car seat that has a buckle slot, usually, come with a zipper and look like a blanket. These are great they come in size from 0-9 months. _Love that all you need to do is place the snowsuit in the car seat, place the baby put the arms inside the suit, zip the snowsuit, buckle up, and if the weather is colder than usually just add an additional blanket on top. Life cannot be easier, whenever you arrive at the location just simply unzip the snowsuit and you are all set.


_A great investment is a must you will use this piece the most and the fact that these come in size 0-9 months you will want to spend money on a good quality. So, after you wash the piece often it would still look as new.

_It’s all about the precious time you will be saving. When the baby is bigger you will be able to put on all kind of fancy jackets, hoodies, or coats but for now, the least you need is to make your life complicated and save some time.

Nonessential newborn Clothing

The Ultimate Newborn Checklist!

List of Everything You Need (and Don't Need)

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Newborn Leggings or pull up pants and jeans


_Would you feel comfy if you went to sleep with either leggings, pull up pants, or jeans? Well, I personally would not probably spend the nights turning and trying to get some rest unsuccessfully. Newborn babies are so gentle and sensitive they need to have the softest newborn clothing so that they feel like they are still inside you the mommy.

Newborn Booties, shoes, sleepers, or sandals


_There would be plenty of time to buy all kind of cute accessories for your little one’s feet. The fact that babies don’t walk yet means that you can save that money for when the time comes. Trust me little ones grow so quick that when it’s time to get the baby shoes, you will need to get a new size every 3-4 months.


_Since shoes don’t stay on very well a good idea is to buy some socks that have a design as if the baby was wearing shoes.


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