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The time to work at home doing what you love is today. Stop waiting for the right moment or leaving things you wish to do for a later time! Are you a person who cannot stop talking about a certain subject? Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you wish to spread the word about a product, a service or anything that has changed your life and can help others? This list can be endless but I will mention 15 examples below of some of the things that people enjoy talking about:

  1. Addiction recovery
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Co-parenting, Parenting, Relationships, Coaching
  4. College Activities, Homeschooling, Teaching
  5. Do it yourself home decoration, Crafting
  6. Faith you follow, Christian living for woman and or man over or below certain age
  7. Fantasy, Fiction
  8. Finding balance, help for growth
  9. Fitness, Health, Wellness, Productivity
  10. Living Naturally, organic and home in certain location
  11. Living with cancer, Aids
  12. Minimalism, Money
  13. Renting to Owning a home, RV Living, Travel
  14. Social media, Socialization
  15. Services offered locally in your state or offered by you personally and more…

Now I will talk about talk about the following:

_Work advantages and disadvantages

_Machines and technology

_Qualities that technology cannot replace

_The good news and the advantage to start working from home today.


As you may already know an employee means that you work for someone at a certain schedule at an agreed shift. There are times when several open shifts options are available and you are lucky to choose the time and dates that you want to work.

The truth is that when you work for someone they are looking for their benefits first and as a human being we all have different responsibilities outside of work routine. Most of the times employers offer the employee only certain times and dates that are the only option available. We have the need to get hired for that certain job positions we end up taking the only shift available. Since bills don’t wait to be paid they are due at a certain date every month.

Advantages of different shift hours!

Everybody would love a 1st shift job position something from the morning until the afternoon like for example 7 AM to 3 PM.

  1. Typically, parents, older people benefit the most of the first shift. Where you have the whole afternoon free to do other tasks as needed.
  2. Remember to go to sleep early so that you can wake up on time. At first, it can be a challenge if you are not used to waking up early in the morning. Once you get into a routine you would even have a better sleep pattern along with the benefits of eating all your meals for the day.

Some people prefer a 2nd shift jo position something from the afternoon until almost midnight like for example 3 PM to 11 PM.

  1. Typically, teenagers benefit the most from the second shift. There is no need to have to wake up early in the morning. Usually teens or people with less family who tend to have fewer responsibilities and therefore is just the matter of waiting to get to work.
  2. There is more opportunity of working overtime and earning a little extra.
  3. If you have children there is the possibility of saving on daycare expenses. One parent works in the morning while the other parent watches the children at home. Once the parent gets off from work the parent watching the children goes to work on the afternoon.

Other people prefer a 3rd shift job position something from almost midnight until the morning like, for example, 11PM to 7 AM.

  1. Supervisors are not watching every step you make while working.
  2. If you are introvert chances are you will benefit from a small number of coworkers at the workplace.

Disadvantages of different shifts!

As you may know, different shift schedules come with some disadvantages. The fact that the type and amount of work are different between shifts, managers of the workplace also take into consideration seniority, skills, and productivity.

Disadvantages of the 1st shift.  

  1. It is hard to get doctor appointments since most offices close at 5 PM. However, there might be some offices that open late it will require some research. Afterward, you will need to check that they accept your current plan and if they don’t then there is a process to change your plan and most insurances take about 30 days to make such changes.
  2. You can’t sleep some extra time in the morning. Most people get to find the deep sleep when is time to wake up and get ready to work. Discipline the body to go to sleep at a certain time in the night to enable the proper amount of sleep to wake up full of energy.
  3. There is lots of traffic when traveling in what people call rush hours. Even if you travel by in your own car or public transportation you will be required to leave the home with plenty of time before you start your shift.

Disadvantages of the 2nd shift

  1. If you have children, you will not get to spend lots of time together and won’t be able to attend special activities. Ask someone to take pictures and videos of all those special moments to make sure your child knows that you care. Remember children are small for such a small amount of time before you know it they will have a life of their own. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he won’t depart from it (Proverbs 22:6 KJV).
  2. Let’s say that you work far from the workplace and travel time is about 2 hours to go and 2 to come back home common if you live in the suburbs away from the city. Chances are that you will sleep until it’s time to get ready to work the next day. Wake up grumpy and start the same routine all over again.

Disadvantages of the 3rd shift.

  1. It is very disruptive when everyone is sleeping you will be working during the night time.
  2. It is uncomfortable to try to get some sleep when the everyone is awake full of energy. All kind of car noises outside, children running, people talking as they walk, the ambulance and fire truck sirens and more
  3. Absolutely no social life.

Machines and technology.

We live in a time where the technology advances are replacing human workers. This is where unemployment come in and anxiety takes over. I have been at various banks where smart machines are doing human duties in the workplace.

Many banks now have only two tellers working, yet the longest line to get assisted. Older people don’t know how to work these machines yet they have other tasks needing to be completed before the end of the day. While business owners benefit from not having to pay an employee older people time is taken away. Now it is almost a requirement to learn new skills quicker than in previous years. The following are some of the changes that humans are facing today.

  1. What about supermarkets where there are self-checkout machines and there are less employer’s cashiers.
  2. Manufacturing those that work in factories smart machines work faster-packing merchandise than humans.
  3. Newspapers are being replaced by the digital news.

 List of qualities that technology intelligence cannot replace.


Humans like you have the urge to explore information, places or things. We explore the reason for a mistake. For example, self-check-out machines in supermarkets often break down, and guess what? A technical repair person would need to figure where the error occurred so that it can be fixed.


After exploring then you will analyze the details and connect these together. For example, there are voice recorders that write as you speak like google voice, yet the need of a human being is essential to double check that the appropriate wording and spelling was written and not a non-relevant one. Newspapers are being replaced by the digital news but who writes the news? A human What does the human uses to deliver the news? Technology.


The art of speaking that we have as humans, we do not only communicate verbally but physically. The ability to multitask for example: speaking on the phone while folding clothing successfully. A little secret It can make the process quicker for me personally.


Humans are great at monitoring and seeing the bigger picture of any task. We are social and work together as a group to complete a designated project. A good example is a printing machine at the college computer lab that requires being monitored to refill the paper, replace the ink and clear possible jams of paper.


As we sort items and things into categories we predict what will happen because of the analysis.

The good news!

More and more stores are closing and what does this mean?

That purchases are being made online than in stores. The convenience of buying from the comfort of your home especially during the holiday’s sales. You will not have to deal with long checkout lines and an overcrowded number of people trying to shop. You are not in a rush to buy and can look in different stores for a better pricing. There is more to choose from in regards of sizes, color, and material. When there is something low in stock, the online store manages to ship the product from a different factory location. When you go shopping time flies and kids start to get fussy, uncomfortable, hungry, and most times you end up buying food outside unhealthy fast food. When you buy online you will not only save on food but on gasoline or public transportation expenses. If the store of your choice does not have a parking, you will end up paying for parking.

More time with Children

I want to share how good is to work doing something I love and enjoy. How I wish I found out about work at home sooner because time turns babies into big kids. As an adult life responsibility in regards to money is often a challenge when you have children. I remember when my first child was almost 2 years old in 2013 and today he is almost 6 years old in 2017 in the blink of an eye. I sadly had to place him in a daycare until I came back from work and college because I did not and still currently do not have any relatives near me to give me a hand. It breaks my heart that I could not spend some quality time with my precious child during those years. When I picked him up from daycare it was late at night and it was time to bathe him and get him ready to sleep. It took me some time before realizing that we spend most of our life working and working. Today I am self-employed and I can focus on my children by watching, listening, understanding, and enjoying the miracle and blessing to be a mommy of four beautiful lives.

Our children’s need us and they are part of us. They did not ask to come into this world full of so much unfairness. How I wish I could protect them forever so that nobody would break their little hearts. There are so many mean people out there that just enjoy seeing others suffer. I have taken the step to break the pattern of what business owner say that time is money. The pattern where we are raised to work for someone else in the workplace. I no longer think the same way I broke the pattern now I think that money is time.

Work on your schedule stay at home and enjoy what you like today. Technology lets take advantage and use it to work for us. Even if you don’t know how to use the technology you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

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