Ultimate Must Have Items to Teach Online!

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Must have items to teach online

Ultimate Must Have Items to Teach Online!

I remember when I was 5 years old I used to play by pretending to be the teacher. Every time someone asked me what do I want to be when I grow up my answer was a teacher. I believe that every student has a potential and teachers are the people which students spend the most time. Students need daily encouragement about their progress and learning can be fun. Children tend to learn best from teachers they like and not from a teacher they dislike.  As a teacher, I take care of my health to make sure I am present for the children who are counting on me. I am passionate about my teaching and I love to spend time preparing and everything I bump into I usually say “hey I can use “X” for my students” decorations, rewards systems, treats and more. I teach with a set mind where a teacher is not a job but what I truly love. Teaching is fun because I get to look forward to every single morning knowing that there is a new plan, lesson, problem to solve, it is simply a blessing. I can make a difference in the student’s life, I am that teacher that the students will always remember and say Miss Martinez made a change in my point of view about life in this world and I succeed academically. Students need a good example and a role model that there making sure there is nothing to be afraid of about learning.

I would like to share some valuable supplies to teach online these includes the following fifteen must-have items:

  1. a desktop
  2. a high definition camera
  3. a desktop stand
  4. a laptop for those who travel
  5. a cart
  6. a headset
  7. a mug warmer
  8. a laminator
  9. laminator pouches
  10. a microphone toy
  11. a display board
  12. posters for decoration
  13. vocabulary cards
  14. alphabet photo cards
  15. hand puppets


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1. Touch Screen 27” All In One Desktop

(Click the image for more information)

The main benefit is the low price. You will be able to split the screen during classes in some case that you have to have two different tabs open. Since the computer is 24 inches it can give you the advantage of seeing the tabs completely as if there was only one open. Also, you can write on the screen which is great!

2. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen Video Calling, and Recording, 1080p Camera, Desktop or Laptop Webcam

(Click on the Image for More Information)

It is always good to have a backup camera you never know what can happen to the integrated camera on the computer. Avoid the risk of losing that precious moment while teaching online. The camera is a High definition and the quality of the picture is amazing.

3. Vencer Adjustable Mesh Metal Monitor Stand/Riser with Pull Out Drawer Black,2-Pack

(Click on the Image for More Information)

I cannot live without the stand for the computer that allows me to organize myself while I teach online back to back classes. The stand even has a pull-out drawer where I place the props I will be using to teach. I love that I can make it a long stand or when I don’t feel like sitting but standing I sue one stand on top of the other that way the camera will be aligned with me while standing.

4. Laptop VAIO S

(Click on the Image for More Information)

I recommend the laptop for those on the go, who travel, teach online, or work online. I have an older version of this computer and it is like new for 9 years already. It has been the best purchase ever and I do not regret the price i paid. My very first computer and the best choice ever. I could not be happier. Live the dream life have fun while earning money at the same time.

5. Medium 10-Drawer Cart with Organizer Top, Black

                                                                        (Click on the Image for More Information)

When teaching online you need a place where to organize all your different reward systems or laminated pictures. This cart allows you to keep all the items you need close enough to reach on the go. There is no time to go and look for the laminated pictures that you may have left in the other room, the time is gold.

6. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with Microphone, Office Wireless Headset, Over the Head Earpiece, On-Ear Car Bluetooth Headphones for Cell Phone, Skype, Truck Driver, Call Center

 (Click on the Image for More Information)

These headsets will make you look professional. The flexible headband that can be used in the right ear or left ear which is awesome. Having one ear free allows you to pay attention to other things around you while you teach online. They are really comfortable with working long hours at a time. I love that you can control the volume and even mute the headset.

7. OKCafe Mug Warmer for Desk Auto Shut Off Coffee Mug Warmer Automatic Thermostatic Mug Beverage Cup 131℉(55℃)

(Click on the Image for More Information)

A mug warmer was my lifesaver while teaching early mornings. Whether you drink coffee or tea by the time you are done teaching that first class section your beverage will be cold but not any longer with the automatic thermostatic mug. Your next sip will be like you just made the beverage a few minutes ago and not 30 minutes later.

8.AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

(Click on the Image for More Information)

I used to print out different rewards for my students and before I knew it they were worn out. Therefore, I decided to get an affordable laminator and now I not only save on ink and paper but even my children get to use my reward system for accomplishing certain tasks around the house.

9.AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches – 8.9-Inch x 11.4-Inch, Pack of 100

(Click on the Image for More Information)

Of course, if you buy a laminator you need the pouches to keep saving all the different material. The value of the pouches cannot be beaten its a pack of 100 laminating pouches.

10.Vanishing Sponge Microphone – Great for Comedy Magic and Entertaining Children

(Click on the Image for More Information)

I love to use the microphone with my shy students who don’t want to respond or speak to me. It is totally normal that a student would not want to speak to me because they are just getting to know me. When I show them the microphone even my shy students would give the cutest smile ever. Maybe the students see me as a silly teacher using a microphone but it works, I also use puppets with the students that would still not understand what i am trying to teach them in class.

11. Elmer’s White Corrugated Display Board

(Click on the Image for More Information)

For those of you who cannot leave their display up at all times, there is a solution. This solution also applies if you live in a small place. It is simple with the sturdy display you would just need to decorate the display board and use it as a background. When you are done teaching simply close the board and put your teaching background away. Or simple as just having a clutter-free background where students would not be able to see clutter in the background if that is the case or situation that you might be on currently.

12. Posters for Decoration

 (Click on the Image for More Information)

The pack is awesome you can simply decorate the display board and have a ready to tech background. I like the fact that there are different posters you can change the posters every now and then and have a different decoration as your online teaching background. I love that I can just change my background according to the season, holidays, or special occasions.

13. Vocabulary Cards

 (Click on the Image for More Information)

As a teacher, sometimes we need to distract the children and do a different activity other than the lesson. It is a great idea to shift and engage with the student and at the same time build on their vocabulary skills with these flashcards.

14. Alphabet Photo Cards

(Click on the Image for More Information)

As a teacher, you will often teach the letters of the alphabet these flashcards come in handy. The fact that they have both a capital letter and a lower-case letter makes the item even better. You can ask the student what is the big letter called or what is the small letter called. Endless use of these flashcards when it comes to engaging with the student and asking them questions.

15. Hand Puppets Multi-Ethnic Collection

 (Click on the Image for More Information)

When children are learning a new language to struggle is normal is part of the learning process. I am sure many of you teachers had one of those students who would just repeat everything you say. I am not trying to be rude but these students are the parrot style. There are the students who just answer yes to everything you ask them.  This is when the puppets come in at the best time they are teachers best friends to help those students understand what you are trying to teach. Use the poppets and model that the puppets are having a conversation with each other. Make sure you change the tone of voice as if they are two different people speaking. They will definitely get it and with time they will be able to answer and continue to learn.

I hope you found everything you were looking for here at Living Well Laugh Often. If you can think of any other item that is essential while teaching online please do not hesitate to leave a comment with a short description. I will make sure to add it to the list and help many amazing teachers teach online well prepared. Happy teaching everyone, and remember “train up a child in the way he or she should go and when he grows old he won’t depart from it”. (Proverbs 22:6)

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  1. This is so interesting. I would love to teach children online or even adults. Languages are so interesting to me. I am currently trying to teach myself German. Much easier said then done!

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