Hanging Towel Dilemma Solutions

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Folded towels(This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure.)

Towels in a house of five members or more can get complicated at times. Especially when you have a small bathroom and space is limited.

Do you think that sharing towels with your husband or with your children is fine because you are a family? In my opinion is not appropriate because that’s when the spreading of germs and bacteria begins. I am thankful that my husband helps me at times bathing my children. However, since he does not know who the towels belong to he ends up using the first one he finds to dry the kids. I end up washing the towels almost every day because I do not feel comfortable with the sharing of towels even do we are a family. After all, when you take a shower you expect to use your personal dry towel and not a wet one that has not been aired out and have a musty odor.

Things you can do to know who the towel belongs to and avoid washing them every day, then the following are my suggestions:

Classico Over the Door Organizer Hooks for Towels 

_Consider buying some hooks that can be placed behind the bedroom door for each member of the family. A great idea because it can even teach your children the responsibility of placing their belongings in their proper place. Then when it’s time to do laundry I suggest getting every member of the house to bring up their dirty clothing including towels.

+Ikea towels already have a loop sewn that makes the towels easy to hang on the hooks. Now if you don’t currently own these towels it would be hard to keep the towels from falling from the hook. When you keep opening and closing the door through the day chances are that the towels won’t stay in place. I personally don’t use the towels since they are really expensive and not in my budget.

Centura 30 inches Towel Bar Rack

_ Another option is to buy two 30 inches very long towel rail and place it in the bathroom where three towels can fit on each rail. This way all towels are in one place and not in different locations.

Hook Rail with 5 Flared Tri Hooks, 27-Inch

_If you don’t like to have two long 30 inches rail there is the option to use the hook rail that you see above. However for both the long rail and the hook rail. You will need to assign a different towel color to each member of the house so that nobody gets confused and end up using someone’s else towel. Personally, I like to use a dry towel after I take a bath and not a wet one because someone used it by mistake. The great part about using a different towel color for each member of the house is that I will know who left the towel on the floor. Since the rail would be attached to the wall the towels would stay in the proper place.

Better Home and Garden Towels

_I recommend and use Better Home and Garden towels click above to see them!

There should be at least two towels per member of the family no more than that unless you want to be washing loads of towels every so often. If you are thinking about guests coming over your house, consider buying about two extra towels that are stored away only for the guest purposes.

Colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, maroon, green, and pink.

Also for the children, there are hooded towels with characters like a cat, dog, tiger, frog, and even superheroes.

Better Home and Garden towels are affordable and last me a whole year before I replace them and buy new ones.

Permanent Marker 
_Let’s say that you are in a situation where you can’t afford any of these currently you can buy a permanent marker to initial the towels. Once the towels are washed they would be identified and get reused by the proper member of the house.

 Now you can give a little update to your bathroom and feel comfortable in an organized space. There would be a designated area for each member of the house towel. No more worrying about an untidy bathroom that makes you feel stressed or towels all over the place where no one claims to be the owner. Did you recently make a bathroom makeover with my recommendations? Comment with some pictures and show us your new space!

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