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Cluttered living room

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Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious when the house is cluttered? I like you felt overwhelmed and anxious by the different collections of things lying in an untidy mess around the house. First I will be reviewing some of the items that clutter the most around the house. Second I will explain the resolution that helped me get rid of anxiety by conquering my clutter. Lastly, I will mention 6 powerful ways that 38 different tools have helped me get rid of anxiety.

Let’s examine the different items that clutter the house the most. Did you know that Americans turn to paid external storage because of the high number of owned items! I don’t want that to happen to you so let’s start.


Everyday mail can stack quickly and your kitchen table for eating as a family becomes like a sea of documents instead. As you open your daily mail and keep storing bills that need to be paid because you need to reference the due date and the amount that needs to be paid. Keep appointment reminders so that you know the time and date and make sure to get there on time. During the holiday season, you receive postcards and store them, because you need the address so that you can send the person a postcard as well as a courtesy. Believe it or not, there is still people who send postcards nowadays.


Documents that you store from doctor’s test results for reference on when the next appointment checkup needs to be made because most offices don’t have a schedule for a year ahead of time and you need to call about three months in advance to set up the appointment. Your children, nieces, grandchildren’s special drawings and projects that they gave as gifts. Arts and crafts kids bring from school every Friday.


Maybe you keep important documents that are useful for reference. Magazine subscriptions that you keep to read later or keep for the visit to entertain themselves while you run and do a task quickly. College books that cost $125 to $250 dollars and you keep. Recipe books to make those special meals during the holiday season.


Let’s say that in your family, there are about 6 members in total. Talk about clothing that piles up if you skip a day of laundry. It would take forever to wash, fold, and put away in the proper place. Oh! and what about socks trying to find the missing pair nowhere to be found. Perhaps you save the clothing that your biggest child outgrows to hand over for the smaller sibling. Even the ones that are faded or worn out ones.


Toys and board games keep piling up. Incomplete puzzles, nonfunctioning electronics, broken toys that probably are never going to be used. Every time you go to the store you buy them a new toy because children don’t find the ones at home fun anymore. Stop buying unnecessary low-quality items. The truth is that less is better and would not only benefit the kids but you as well. A high quantity can become overwhelming. Consider keeping the high-quality ones and communicate to your children often that you will be cleaning and giving away things that are no longer used. Children need you to spend lots and more time as a family than the one you all spend together already and not every toy out there. Enjoy your kids they are small for a short time and they grow so quickly.


The collection of decoration or vintage items can easily become another full space in the house. So many keepsakes such as pictures or baby’s first items become accumulated. Worn out items or perhaps having more than one of the same thing. Even broken stuff that maybe you consider trying to fix because of emotional attachment. What about unopened items that you even forgot that you own are taking space in your home.


Time to get focused and organize your home and feel free and renewed. An organized house would make you feel at peace to concentrate on what matters the most. Consider for every new item you buy to get rid of one. Share with the less fortunate. Take the time to plan and commit to being on a scale. For a step by step to declutter and more get a copy of clutter busting tools today!

It Includes the following:

Cleaning and Chores, decluttering, family organization, managing your time, meal planning, organize paperwork and digital files, and planners. A total of 38 tools and resources that work.

These tools have helped me get rid of anxiety in the following 6 ways.

  1. The items I kept and own make me feel happy. Now that I got rid of unnecessary stuff around the house.
  2. I feel relief that when I enter any room in my house I see an environment where I want to come back often at the end of the day free of distractions and rest well.
  3. I learned that just because I got rid of emotional attached items does not mean that I forgot about the memories and I don’t regret it.
  4. Now I know where everything is and no longer need to keep digging into the clutter to find the lost items, and my time is more productive.
  5. I created a habit and no longer complain about not having time or energy. However, I must admit that it was hard to get into the habit and took me about 21 days to commit.
  6. If I did it so can you take the first step today get your copy that will help you get rid of anxiety and feel sanity! Afterward, all you need to do is maintenance, it will be just like a car.

What happens when you maintain your car? It runs smoothly and works in good condition, otherwise, it starts to break. Let’s say that the broken car piece is not fixed on time another different piece gets broken and so on is a chain. Now the house needs condition and maintenance but it is easier when it’s done periodically as a commitment.

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  1. Yes! I have many areas that I need to de-clutter. I’m hoping to get to my closet, and the kid’s rooms these next couple weeks. Thank you for the motivation.

  2. I recently did a huge purge of “stuff” that was taking up space, including unopened things I forgot I even had! I sold or traded in electronics, donated toys and puzzles, and am in the process of selling a bunch of clothes, and whatever doesn’t sell will get donated. Luckily I don’t get too much mail because I’ve automated most of my bills and gone paperless when possible. I try to clear off my dining room table every night because seeing it clear makes me feel SO much better/less stressed when I get home!

  3. Oh yes, this post resonates with me! My house is quite cluttered and it makes me pretty anxious. I’ll have to try some of these ways to declutter!

  4. We are constantly battling clutter in my home too. Recently I’ve been going through things ruthlessly and now have about 5 bags of things to donate. I also brought two bags to the consignment store and gave away some gently used items on a local free Facebook group. It feels good to give things away to someone else who will find them useful!

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