What to Expect for New Parents

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New pregnant mom next to a cradle What to Expect for New Parents?

A letter for the new mothers and fathers out there you are both amazing. Remember to dress up how you want to feel and not how you feel. Simply because people will see how you look before they hear how you feel. Compliments can lift you up when you feel down. Here you will be able to find the following information on what to expect for new parents:

  • What to expect from the newborn?
  • Is your baby crying a lot?
  • What to do during this most valuable time as you rest?
  • Who is your best friend forever?
  • What to expect as a parent? And
  • What to expect from your relationships?

What to expect from the newborn?

The truth is that after the longest nine months of your pregnancy now you are back home and you realize you may not be prepared. Relax there is not much to expect from the newborn just to allow the newborn to grow, develop, mature, and simply become more stable.

Make sure you or anyone who touches the baby wash their hands before interacting with the baby. Mom just feed the baby when it’s hungry. Remember that when the baby was in your womb there was no such thing as a clock or time. The baby does not know that he or she has to wait three hours before being fed. Make sure to burp the baby and that is nice and warm with a clean diaper to avoid a rash.

Is your baby crying a lot?

Hold your baby he or she would not be spoiled. Do you want to know the real reason your baby is crying? Well, remember that they were always so close to your womb and never been alone before. Give them what they want which is your warmth love by kissing, cuddling, touching, hugging each other.

I guarantee you that your baby was not sent to make your life miserable but as the best blessing in this world. Crying is the only way the baby can communicate to tell you he or she is simply not happy.

Time flies by and before you know it the baby will spend less time crying and more time interacting with you and the environment. Do not feel scared or frustrated it is totally normal to worry about everything

What to do during this most valuable time as you rest?

Not only as you rest but as your baby grows to find out who your baby is, learn from each other. How is the baby different than you? How is the baby different than the father? How much did you wait to have the baby in your arms? Yes, the longest nine months of your life!

As the days pass by you will know what can sooth that precious baby. A newborn baby is used to being tight because when he or she was not born yet they were in a small place inside the womb. Now that they are born they need to get used to life outside the womb.

What if the baby is fed, clean, and had a diaper changed but still crying? There are many other ways to soothe a baby. When babies cry they can be soothed by swaddling them because it can make them feel secure. Babies love to be rocked it is the motion that relaxes them. Perhaps some white noise can help soothe the baby and remember the noise from inside the womb. Check with the baby doctor to see if the baby is allergic to anything that you eat if you are breastfeeding or the formula that is given causes them some colic. Sometimes even after the baby is burped they still have some more gases. Make sure that the room temperature is appropriate you do not want the baby to be all snuggled when the temperature is hot. If nothing soothes the baby it is okay to offer a pacifier.

Who is your best friend forever?

Your baby is resilient who is able to recover so quickly from difficult situations and mistakes we as parents make in this journey that no book can really teach you the right direction.

Your baby will not be harmed because you made this mistakes with love, yes with love there is no parent that wants the worst for their children but the best.

There is no one in this life perfect don’t be disappointed when everything may seem different from what you expected. I used to think before I had my first baby that parenting was really easy but I was wrong. We as parents are going on a new journey that is rewarding but need to have plenty of patience. There are some babies that are soothed easily while others are not. Just because your friends baby was easy does not mean your own will be easy in regards to being soothed. Our job as parents is to raise our child safe and through the right path. You are their role model they imitate you and they count on you from the very first day that you knew you were expecting. As a mother, you had to make some choices on what to eat and avoid eating. As mothers, we will always have to make some choices in our life.

I know it’s too early to be talking about when your child is an adult but you will be their best friend forever and they will come to you. You are your child’s role model because children learn from what they see and not what they hear. Children copy and follow your steps so like I said before dress how you want to feel and not how you feel. With time it will become a habit and you will feel good about yourself even when the things may seem out of control.

No parent is perfect please forgive yourself you are doing great and the best part of all is that you are blessed. Mommy and daddy, you are both getting to know your precious baby it will take some time before you understand the different crying sounds for different needs.

What to expect as a parent?

Give yourself some time I would say about six weeks and allow your body to get back to normal. Forget about the messy house and all the cleaning mom and dad you need to rest. It is a new page on a new book and when a person does not get the right amount of sleep needed one starts to feel irritable, moody, and even angry. From my own experience when we mothers rest it can be the key to the cure for a fussy baby. Remember that the lack of sleep would not be forever it would get better take it one day at a time. There would not be a set schedule until you get to know the baby more so what does this mean? Yes, you need to work on the baby schedule, the baby is sleeping, you sleep as well. Trust me you need the energy and clear mind just forget everything rest while the baby sleeps there would be plenty of time for other fun stuff later on when things settle down. The goal is to learn from each other what works, what does not work with the baby for calming and soothing techniques. That precious baby depends on you please take care of yourself by resting so that you can take care of your baby.

Eat a healthy balanced diet, I know it can be difficult when you wake up several times special in the night and you may eat and chew on anything just to stay alert and awake. Eating a balanced meal would avoid overeating junk food. It is normal just because you are not used to this new chapter in life and now you are back to eating for only one person you.

Exercise when your doctor gives you the green light because you will need the energy and lots of patience to take care of the baby. Remember that it took a period of nine long months to gain weight, therefore please allow yourself some long months to lose weight. Do not starve yourself to lose the baby weight because you need the proper nutrients to take care of your little angel sent from heaven.

What to expect from your relationship?

It should not be forgotten relationships needs to be taken care of for your new growing family health and future.

Family bonding is important which is any time you spend together, make it meaningful. The key is communication be open about how you feel to avoid postpartum depression. It is nice to tell your husband or wife hey can I do anything to help? How do you feel? Acknowledge that you know how tired you feel because of sleep deprivation. Motivate this mom who is a warrior by bringing the new baby into this world, tell her that you are not alone I am here to help you no matter what.

Your baby needs to grow in a house full of love. A house full of love consists of the mother and father figure while the child grows.

The big picture is that the baby will be small for a short period of time despite the fact that it may seem like it’s the longest time. Everything will be back to normal before you realize. Enjoy the baby because he or she will never ever be that tiny again.

Plan ahead of time together even a trip to the pediatrician can be a time where you can bond together as a married couple. This way you can build on mutual respect remember that to have fun it does not mean to go out and party. Therefore, family comes first every minute you spend together is a time to express yourself freely. Hey, I like it when you help me around the house with small chores.

Leave a comment about your experience as a new mother or father below. I can’t wait to know about your experience!

Remember God has blessed you with the gift of becoming a mother and father. Give yourself time to accommodate different needs. It will take some time to get used to going out to different places since now it will be required to plan ahead for feedings, diapers change, and most importantly safety. Do not feel overwhelmed babies cry to communicate since there is no other way to let you know their needs and pains.

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