Top 5 Best Baby Formula Options Other Than Breast Milk

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Baby Formula Options

Top 5 Best Baby Formula Options Other Than Breast Milk

Breast milk is best but the truth is that not everyone chooses to breastfeed their little ones. Do not feel sad because you were not able to breastfeed your baby you are a great mother. Dear mom your little one needs you to feel strong mentally and physically to help him or her to grow and provide guidance through the best path in life. There is a wide selection of formula option to feed your baby and it can be overwhelming to know which one is best. Some babies might have trouble digesting certain formula but might digest a different formula better and that is why I want you to know that there are different options to choose from that I will explain below. Doctors do not want you to know that there are different types of formula for gasses, firmer bowel movements, reduce reflux and more. Doctors want you to keep visiting the clinic and there is nothing wrong during those first weeks and months of a new chapter in your life all you want is for the baby to be happy. A baby who is happy after being feed means everyone around will also be happy.

Breast Milk

Premature and Transitional Formula

Infant Formula

Casein Hydrolysate Based Formula

Whey Hydrolyzed Based Formula

Amino Acid Based Formula

Breast Milk is Gold

There is nothing better than breastfeeding your little one since It contains all the nutrients required for the baby health and growth plus it is easy to digest. When mothers breastfeed their babies, they can pass antibodies which helps create a stronger baby immune system. There will be times when the baby will catch a cold or get an infection but it will not be as strong as babies who do not drink getting breast milk. Breastfeed babies will heal quicker and build more antibodies that will fight any future chance of getting sick. Breastfeeding takes time, practice, and consistency so that the milk supply will not get reduced. However, there are many other options for feeding your baby

Baby Formula Options

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  1. Premature and Transitional Infant Formula Option

Only for babies that are born before the due date which is normally at 40 weeks of the mother’s pregnancy. This is a special formula that will provide extra nutrients for the baby development. Any child that is born before the 37 weeks of gestation is considered premature. Doctors decide to keep the baby in a neonatal intensive care unit to monitor him or her. It does not mean the baby is sick is just that specialized nurses will watch every movement 24 hours a day. Soon before you know it the baby will be ready to be welcomed at home.

What are the options?

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Similac Neosure

Enfamil Premature Lipil

Enfamil Enfacare

Cow &Gate Nutriprem

  1. Infants Formula Option

Only for babies born at the appropriate time which is anything after the 37 weeks of a mother’s pregnancy. Usually is given to the babies when mothers either decide they would not breastfeed or they were not given the chance to even try. Doctors usually direct mothers to keep using the formula until the baby reaches 12 months of age.

What are the options? 

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Enfamil with Iron

Good Start

Earth Best Infant Formula

Similac Advance Infant Non-GMO Formula

  1. Casein Hydrolysate Based Formula Option 

Extensively hydrolyzed casein-based formulas are for infants who have an allergy to cows milk, soy protein or for malabsorption.

What are the options?

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Enfamil Nutramigen

Pregestimil DHA and ARA

Similac Expert Care Alimentum

  1. Whey Hydrolyzed Based Formula Option

Usually given to babies who have difficulties absorbing the nutrients in regular or other types of formulas. Whey hydrolyzed based formula is made with the nutrients and proteins already broken down so that babies can digest the milk easier. The formula contains the proteins but they are broken down so that the babies don’t have a hard time digesting the milk.

What are the options?

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Gerber Extensive HA

  1. Amino Acid Based Formula Option 

A hypoallergenic formula is usually given to babies who cannot take any other formula mentioned above because they have malabsorption, issues with digestion, and extreme allergies. The milk is made of amino acid based which are the building blocks of proteins. Therefore, babies are still getting all the nutrients needed to grow and be healthy.

What are the options?

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Neocate Infant DHA and ARA

PurAmino DHA and ARA

Alfamino Infant

Just focus on the different options of baby formula and there would be no more overwhelming feelings with the number of options available for feeding your precious angel. Understanding that it’s not the brand you buy but the type of formula that makes the difference whether or not your baby will tolerate the milk nutrients. Therefore, you do not need to try every brand name, for example, you were feeding your baby breast milk, then you decided that you will feed the baby formula. Let’s say that you began feeding the baby Similac Infant formula but for some reason, your baby was gassy and fussy do not go and try an Enfamil infant formula because it is basically the same thing just different name and price. Instead, try a Casein Hydrolysate Based Formula and if that does not work move on to try a Whey Hydrolyzed Based Formula the last option would be an Amino Acid Based Formula. I hope that this information is full of value for you and remember to consult your baby doctor for professional advice. If you have any suggestions or would like to share some information do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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